Who are we?




The Story Behind Kehillat Veahavta

Kehillat Veahavta was founded in Zichron Yaakov in 2003 by eight families seeking a welcoming, egalitarian synagogue, along with Rabbi Elisha Wolfin (ordained in 2001) as one of its founding members.  Beginning with a Purim celebration and Friday night services, the number of families involved grew, and so did the range of activities. Today, our community comprises a number of circles, among them over 250 households that pay annual dues, of which 140 families celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah with us every year.


Our underlying approach is… "Veahavta!" – i.e., respect and acceptance of one’s Jewish path and observance, without judgement or guilt! 


As a Kehilla we celebrate Judaism in a traditional manner, with a commitment to Halacha in the spirit of the Masorti Movement, while maintaining egalitarianism, and a non-judgmental approach.

Our Four Pillars

Synagogue and religious life: Shabbat services (Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, all festivals) and holiday celebrations; an extensive Bar Mitzvah program; and Tikkun Olam projects for the benefit of the greater Zichron Yaakov area.


Community:  The Kehilla is made up of native Israelis, veteran olim (immigrants) and new olim.  Some olim families chose to settle in Zichron Yaakov due to the Kehilla's existence and its willingness to help their absorption process. To enhance the community the Kehilla provides a sense of home to individuals and families new to the area; holiday celebrations; community events service projects.  There is also a concerted, "soft-pedaled" effort to reach out to secular Israelis to offer them access to the richness, joy, and wisdom that Judaism provides.


Education:  Learning through an active "Bet Midrash" - in Hebrew and in English - is one of the hallmarks of Kehillat Veahavta.  A variety of courses are offered for adults, and there are monthly "Rosh Chodesh" workshops and celebrations. This year we are starting a men’s group study program (see bellow).  There is a vibrant NOAM youth movement and a popular Ulpan program for new olim. 


Culture: Veahavta offers cultural events which have Jewish content, open to both members and the general public. This pillar is based on the belief that Judaism in Israel in the 21st century must include the Israeli-Zionist cultural heritage of the past hundred years.




The Masorti Movement is committed to a pluralistic, egalitarian, and democratic vision of Zionism. Masorti represents a “third” way. Not secular Judaism. Not ultra-Orthodoxy. But a Jewish life that integrates secular beliefs. Halakhah with inclusion and egalitarianism. Tradition that recognizes the realities of today’s world. Masorti engages tens of thousands of Israelis each year, young and old, native born as well as olim from around the globe.
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