Shmot 5777

Parashat Sh’mot: Names. Indeed Names!

Parashat Bo: Grant Me a Heavy Heart

Parashat Beshalach: One Journey, One Heritage, One Song

Parashat Yitro: Ready for a Relationship with God

Parashat Mishpatim: We Shall Do & We Shall Hear

Parashat Trumah: When a Grain of Sand Becomes the Divine Sanctuary

Parashat Tetzaveh: Reality's Wardrobe

Parashat Ki Tissah: Bezalel & Wisdom of the Heart

Parashat Vayakhel-Pikudei: It's Not Over 'Til the Rabbis Sing


Shmot 5778

Parashat Sh'mot: The Cry Will Be Heard

Parashat Va'era: For Those Who Don't Despair

Parashat Bo: When Our Memory Cards Are Useful (& When They Aren't)

Parashat Beshalach
Parashat Yitro: God's Touch Screen

Parashat Mishpatim: Avraham, Yitzchak & Yaakov Were Emigrants

Parashat Truma: Mazal Tov, My Son

Shabbat Zachor: We Are on the Amalekite Continuum (Tetzaveh)

Parashat Ki Tissa: The Experience of Giving

Shabbat Parah_ An Invitation for Purification (Vayakhel-Pekudey)


Shmot 5779

Parashat Sh'mot: "I Will Be With You"

Parashat Va’era: When Words Fail, Plagues Begin

Parashat Bo: “In Your Blood You Shall Live”

Parashat Beshalach: The Dynamics of Crossing the Red Sea

Parashat Yitro: All the People Saw the Sounds

Parashat Mishpatim:Those With Spines and Those With Shells

Parashat Trumah: A Divine Invitation for Flexible Thought

Parashat Tetzaveh: The Mitzvah of Love Upon Thy Heart

Parashat Ki Tissah: The Golden Calf and the 9th of April

Parashat Vayakhel: The Calm Before the Action

Parashat Pekudei: Paying Attention Is The Essence Of Torah


Shmot 5780

Parashat Sh'mot - Moshe did not stutter!

Parashat Va’era: Help Us Get Out of Egypt

Parashat Bo: Opening the Heavy Heart

Parashat BeShalach: How Do Paths Through the Sea Form

Parashat Yitro: The God of Simplicity and Joy

Parashat Mishpatim: Shun Evil and Do Good

Parashat T’rumah: Because the World Has a Heart

Parashat Tetzaveh: External Torah & Internal Torah

Parashat Ki Tissa: At This Time It Is Important to be Human

Parashat Vayakhel\Pekudei: Congregate! Come Near!




The Masorti Movement is committed to a pluralistic, egalitarian, and democratic vision of Zionism. Masorti represents a “third” way. Not secular Judaism. Not ultra-Orthodoxy. But a Jewish life that integrates secular beliefs. Halakhah with inclusion and egalitarianism. Tradition that recognizes the realities of today’s world. Masorti engages tens of thousands of Israelis each year, young and old, native born as well as olim from around the globe.
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