Beit Midrash (Adult Education)


Beit Midrash (Adult Education) Veahavta

in Memory of Shimon and Sarah Greenberg, ז"ל


Monday Morning Judaism - You can join at any time

With Elisha

Tractate: Nashim!
A new voice | A fresh understanding of Torah

Three series | Three eras | Thirty classes


First series (10 sessions): The Midwives of Israel -  ended
Matriarchs, Concubines, and Prophetess


 You can still join - Second series (10 sessions): Wise Women
The unheard voice of women in the Talmud and the Middle Ages.


Third series (10 sessions): Her Voice is Finally Heard!
The emergence of women's voices in the Beit Midrash


You can join one session, a whole series, or the whole year.

Mondays | 9:00-10:30 | 

One session: Members 40 NIS | Guests 60 NIS
One series (of 10 consecutive sessions): Members 320 NIS | Guests 480 NIS
“Kartisiya” (10 random sessions): Members 360 NIS | Guests 540 NIS




Rosh Chodesh Gatherings for Women

In Hebrew


The celebration of the new Jewish month was once, traditionally, a women's festival. Women would gather, talk together about matters of importance at the time. At Veahavta we have continued this wonderful tradition with monthly meetings for women, in which we hear from different women who share their wisdom and their world-view with us. 
The meetings take place once a month, Tuesdays 8:00-9:30 p.m.
at the home of Dafna Kalmar, chairperson of Kehillat Veahavta’s board, who opens her home - and her heart - with warmth and great generosity! Free of charge.





Men’s Club

“The Voice of the Lord is Power”?

(Mostly in Hebrew)


A gathering of men and a discussion power: the power of the soul, willpower, spiritual power, the power of restraint, military power, power and forcefulness, the power of weakness, the power of destruction, the power of building.


Once a month, Tuesdays 8:00-9:30 p.m. With various lecturers (both men and women).

At the home of Jonathan Friedland, 8 Trumpledor St. 

Light refreshments.  Free of charge.




The Masorti Movement is committed to a pluralistic, egalitarian, and democratic vision of Zionism. Masorti represents a “third” way. Not secular Judaism. Not ultra-Orthodoxy. But a Jewish life that integrates secular beliefs. Halakhah with inclusion and egalitarianism. Tradition that recognizes the realities of today’s world. Masorti engages tens of thousands of Israelis each year, young and old, native born as well as olim from around the globe.
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