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Vayishlach וישלח

      I am not worthy                           קָטֹנְתִּי                                             

לחן: יונתן רזאל                                              Music: Yonatan Razel

Lyrics: Genesis 32: 11-12                                              מילים: בראשית ל״ב:יא-יב     

Psalms 86 :13                                                                       תהילים פ"ו י”ג


A few years ago, Yonatan Razel was riding the waves of fame when tragedy struck. His daughter, Rivkah, fell off the roof of the family’s Jerusalem home while watching the Independence Day fireworks. Rivkah was unconscious for weeks, and at times, it seemed that there was almost no chance that she would ever wake up. Yonatan describes the day that things turned around. His brother had left him a note that said, “Have you prepared for the great miracle that God has in store for you today?”

Yonatan says that the note shook him, and he understood deeply that each day is a miracle from God for which we must be grateful. Soon after Rivkah begun to recover. Just before his daughter's accident, Yonatan had composed a new song with the words of Jacob’s prayer.

The song become very popular In Israel and is often played on radio and t.v, bringing the words of Torah to the public sphere in a way that happens only in Israel.


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