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 Reflections on Jerusalem


Reflections on Jerusalem in all its beauty and complexity coming from Kehilot and Masorti rabbis born in Israel and those who chose to make Israel their home, touch on the concepts of ירושלים של מעלה and ירושלים של מטה, the heavenly Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem. Some of the reflections, which come from rabbis across the political spectrum, may challenge you and your congregants, but we hope that all of them will help deepen your connection to the day. We hope that these reflections will be useful as you engage your congregants about their hopes, dreams, and prayers for Jerusalem. 



  • Six Days and Fifty Years - Rabbi Dr. Gil Nativ

    Six Days and Fifty Years - Rabbi Dr. Gil Nativ

    Rabbi Dr. Gil Nativ is the Rabbi of Kehilat Hakerem - the Masorti Community in Karmiel Rabbi Nativ is a third generation Israeli. He fought as a paratrooper in the Six Day War.
  • מאמינים Believers - Kehilat Zion Jerusalem

    מאמינים Believers - Kehilat Zion Jerusalem

    Zion is an Eretz Yisraeli community led by Raba Tamar Elad Appelbaum. Immersed in study, prayer, and community service. Bringing together all of the voices that are found in Israel through the use of ancient and contemporary Israeli, Ashkenazi, and Sefaradi, and Mizrahi musical traditions and liturgy.
  • Heavenly Jerusalem and EarthlyJerusalem - Rabbi Arie Hasit

    Heavenly Jerusalem and EarthlyJerusalem - Rabbi Arie Hasit

    Rabbi Arie Hasit, rabbi of HaMinyan HaShivioni, Mazkeret Batya, lived in Jerusalem before beginning his work as a pulpit rabbi.
    His wife and daughter are both native Jerusalemites.

  • O Jerusalem  - Rabbi Reuven Hammer

    O Jerusalem - Rabbi Reuven Hammer

    Rabbi Reuven Hammer is the past head of the Rabbinical Court of the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel and a former president of the International Rabbinical Assembly. A Jerusalemite and member of Kehilat Moreshet Avraham in Jerusalem. Rabbi Hammer will be receiving a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the congregation at a Gala Evening on the eve Yom Yerushalyim 2017
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