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Song of the Morning - Amir Gilboa שִׁיר בַּבּוֹקֶר בַּבּוֹקֶר-אמיר גלבוע 

Adpted by The GroovAtron גרסת הגרובטרון

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Shirat Machar’s “Shir BaBoker BaBoker” (Song of the Morning) is an adaptation of Amir Gilboa’s 1953 poem celebrating the founding of the state of Israel a few years earlier. The melody was composed by Shlomo Artzi in the 1970’s and was revived as a protest song during the 2011 social justice protests. Around the same time, the Groovatron recorded a cover which combined the cover of the song with recitations from Israel’s Declaration of Independence. These questions are meant to guide discussion around Shirat Machar’s video.


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