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Shadow and Well Water - Yoram Taharlev    צל ומי באר - יורם טהרלב


On the afternoon of October 9, 1945, the bell rang at Kibbutz Yagur and the members were called to the slopes of the Carmel to help the new immigrants reach the Kibbutz. The children were also rushed to help. Among them was Yoram Tarlowski, later known as the famous poet Yoram Taharlev. He relates that he saw the weary new immigrants exhausted from their long journey being supported by the kibbutz members, quickly scattered into rooms. Clothing was distributed from the clothing storage and given to the newcomers so that when the British soldiers will come and inspect the kibbutz, they  would not be able to distinguish between the veteran kibbutz members and the refugees.

An instruction was given to all members and immigrants to answer every question with the words: "I am a Jew from the Land of Israel." The event left its mark on the young boy and later, when he wrote the song "Shadow and Well Water", he saw in his mind's eye the sights of the immigrants as they arrived at the Kibbutz.

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