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Tu B'shvat Educational Materials

Seeding new Masorti Kehilot in Israel עת לנטוע ולבנות 


In celebration of Tu Bishvat, we share with you short video's providing a glimpse into our new Masorti congregations in Yokneam, 'Ohel Menashe' and the masorti Kehilla in Mazkeret Batia, these sprouts are growing, and today these congregations have extensive activity throughout the year. 
The Masorti movement has over 80 congregations all over the country, with new joining every year






"From Taxation to Creation to Preservation: the Evolution of Tu Bishvat"

A special Tu Bishavat Seder Click here


 “Why must we be concerned about protecting our environment?”

A message for Tu Bishvat from Sara Cohen of Kibbutz Ketura -   Click here


A Tu Bishvat Podcast - The Second podcast in our Masorti Voice series.

While Tu Bishvat is all about our connection to nature and the world around us, in Israel we also celebrate a very different occasion, the creation of the Knesset. In this episode we explore the Jewish Pluralism Watch founded by the Masorti movement. An institute whose mission is to monitor the Israeli government in regards to state and religion in Israel.  - Click here

Tu Bishvat Limmud for teens  

An activity we  created for teens from our congregation in Ashkelon and their twin congregation in Chicago who plan to connect via skype. - Click here

Seder Tu BiShvat – A collection of texts and Hebrew songs assembled by our Kehilla in Raanana "Kehila Masortit Raanana Amitai", in three languages Hebrew, English and Spanish - Click here



The Masorti Movement is committed to a pluralistic, egalitarian, and democratic vision of Zionism. Masorti represents a “third” way. Not secular Judaism. Not ultra-Orthodoxy. But a Jewish life that integrates secular beliefs. Halakhah with inclusion and egalitarianism. Tradition that recognizes the realities of today’s world. Masorti engages tens of thousands of Israelis each year, young and old, native born as well as olim from around the globe.
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