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Beshalach בשלח

Mother, tell me                   אִמָּא סַפְּרִי לִי

The Tree House Kids Ayala Ingedasht                                 ילדי בית העץ ואילה אינגדשט

Lyrics: Ayala Ingedasht & Ran Cohen Aharonov               מילים: איילה אינגדשט ורן כהן אהרונוב

Melody: Yaya Cohen Aharonov                                               לחן: יאיא כהן אהרונוב

Translation: Rachel Gottlieb                                                                           


Beshalach is full of women who take initiative, speak out, sing and lead women and men towards a better future.

Midrashir for this week is a song written by Ayala Ingedasht "Mother, tell me" and was inspired by a conversation she had with her mother about their journey from Ethiopia to Israel when Ayala was only 2 years old. When hearing the song, it's hard not to see the resemblance between the Ethiopian exodus and the story we read on Shabbat.  The song is part of  "The Tree House Kids" a very popular children's music collection, tv show and play.



 Click here to download lyrics in Hebrew and English



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