In Loving Memory - Yahrtzeit Project


In Loving Memory

In Jewish tradition, it is customary to recite 'Kaddish' in memory of a family member, on the anniversary of his/her passing.


Kehilat Veahavta's new project - 'In Loving Memory' - ​​ will send a reminder to you and/or an invitation to come to the synagogue to recite Kaddish on the Shabbat of the yahrzeit of your loved one.


Shlomo and Sharona Maytal, members of Kehillat Veahavta, have, wonderfully, volunteered to coordinate the project, and they will be sending reminders two weeks before a yahrtzeit date. 
1. The reminder in no way obligates anybody to come to the synagogue to recite Kaddish. 


2. If you are not sure how to say kaddish or what to do - that's what we're here for. During services on Shabbat, we announce when it's time to recite Kaddish, and we always have someone to saying kaddish on any given week. You can say it in a whisper, if you prefer not to recite out loud. In addition, towards the anniversary of a yahrtzeit, we can send you the written text and a recording of Kaddish recitation.


3. If you have a yahrtzeit but cannot get to services that Shabbat, and you would like someone else to recite Kaddish for you, that is also possible. Every Friday night and Shabbat morning we read aloud the names of all those who had yahrtzeits during the past week. 
If you wish to receive a reminder about a yahrtzeit, please email the office: 


You will be prompted to write your name, names of your loved ones (you can, of course, mention as many people as you like), and the anniversary of their passing.


We really hope you will find this service helpful in bringing your loved ones closer to your hearts.

- Veahavta Staff


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