Sabbath and Holiday Services


Service Times - Tefillot -  for Passover Holiday 2019



Erev Pesach, Friday - April 19th

No services


First Day Passover: Shabbat, April 20th
9am: Shacharit with Hallel, Torah reading, blessing for dew



Erev 7th Day of Passover: Thursday, April 25th
6.30pm Songs for Pesach, drasha + short Arvit, evening prayer


7th Day of Passover: Friday, April 26th
8:30am: Shacharit with Hallel, Torah reading, Yizkor, Mussaf



Erev Shabbat: Friday, April 26th
6.30pm: Songs for Shabbat, Kabbalat Shabbat, drasha & short Arvit, evening prayer


Shabbat: April 27th

8.30am: Shacharit & Mussaf, Kiddush

10am: Limmud: group study of the weekly Torah portion with Rabbi Elisha (Parshat Acharei Mot) in HEBREW




Shabbat Services During The Year



Friday Night - Kabbalat Shabbat


6pm: Hebrew songs to welcome Shabbat, traditional Kabbalat Shabbat Service, drasha, short Arvit evening service. 

Shabbat Morning Services - Shacharit


Every week there is a Shacharit service at Kehillat Veahavta.  On alternating Shabbatot, there is Torah reading, or a study of the Parashat Hashavua with the Kehilla's Rabbi Elisha Wolfin, in Hebrew.


To find out which post-Shacharit reading/learning will take place on which week, feel free to contact the office at or call on 04-629-1180 .


Shabbat Limmud: 

8:30am: Shacharit

9:45am: Kiddush

10am: Limmud: Torah Study circle on the weekly Torah portion with Rabbi Elisha




Shabbat Kriyah: 

8.30am: Shacharit, Torah reading & Mussaf

11am: Kiddush! 


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